Designing harmony

Over the past few decades, I have developed an expertise in various techniques that profoundly impact and harmonize living and working spaces. Now, I am excited to share this wealth of valuable information with you while also developing a line of innovative products aimed at supporting and enhancing positive energy in your home.

As a designer, I firmly believe that aesthetic appeal and functionality are essential, but as someone with a holistic background, I go above and beyond to infuse my creations with something more profound. Each piece, whether it’s a jewelry item or a decorative object, is thoughtfully crafted to have a positive effect on its owner, enhancing their well-being and overall energy.

In 2010, I became a Reiki Master, which was a turning point in my journey. Alongside previous experience and practice in techniques like Dowsing, I also delved into working with Kirlian-based equipment, allowing me to meticulously test various objects, sounds, shapes, scents, and materials for their energetic influences on the human field. This led me to an exciting path, and after rigorous study and practice, I earned my certification in Geobiology, opening the doors to a fascinating world of understanding.

Geobiology encompasses a wide range of subjects, from underground, earth, and cosmic influences to EMF, air and water pollution, the energetic quality of waveforms, colors and symbols, paranormal phenomena, and other metaphysical themes, all of which can significantly impact a person’s dwelling and well-being.

Through this platform, I aim to publish insightful posts, articles, and eventually videos to share simple yet effective ways you can improve the energy in your living space. By visiting this page frequently, you’ll gain valuable knowledge to better understand your living environment and discover methods to enhance energy flow, sleep quality, focus, and overall health.

Together, let’s embark on a transformative journey towards a more balanced and harmonious living space!

Marcia Cormel Designs

Marcia Cormel is a product designer with a versatile and holistic background. With her experience creating jewelry designs, her work has found its way into the hearts of customers across numerous countries.

But Marcia’s journey doesn’t end with jewelry design; it’s just the beginning. Driven by a profound passion for holistic practices, she has embarked on a mission to share her knowledge and expertise in the fields of home harmonizing using several approaches. By delving into these disciplines, she aims to empower others to enhance their living spaces, resulting in a harmonious environment with improved energy flow, enhanced health, heightened focus, and creativity.

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