Intuitive Observation

Everything around us is imbued with energy, vibrating in accordance with its unique energetic composition and frequency. Often subtle and undetectable by our physical senses or conscious mind, this energy doesn’t go unnoticed by our more sensitive subconscious mind. The subconscious seems to be more directly connected with the unified field of the universe that permeates everything.

Imagine being able to pass your hand over a food item and feel whether it’s beneficial for you, just as you can sense the warmth of a hot plate without touching it. How extraordinary would it be to perceive the compatibility of objects with just a glance or touch? Fortunately, we possess some of this intuitive ability, and with practice, we can make healthier choices for ourselves and our living spaces.

The fundamental premise is that everything, being made of energy, carries a unique energetic signature. Even two objects that look identical and were created simultaneously must differ ever so slightly in their energy. Most times, this subtle distinction doesn’t affect how we interact with these objects, remaining an imperceptible and mostly irrelevant trace.

To cultivate your intuition and connect with the hidden energy present in objects and spaces, you can engage in exercises that foster a connection with your subconscious mind. Try placing your hand over different materials, close your eyes, and feel their energy. Initially, you might not notice anything, but with relaxation and a focus on intuitive observation, you might detect a tingling or vibration. Crystals, plants, animals, and even colors may reveal a more noticeable field.

Native and indigenous populations often have this ability finely tuned, as their survival frequently depends on this inner wisdom. They can detect which plants are poisonous or healing, which locations are safe, and what materials provide the best shelter. A blend of survival instinct, practical experience, and observation endows them with timeless knowledge and wisdom.

In modern times, our reliance on technology has dulled these intuitive abilities. With an illusion of endless choices, our minds are bombarded with concepts and subliminal messages, often leading us astray from what truly benefits us.

The path to home harmony begins with reconnecting with your intuitive self. Look around your home and tune into the emotions it evokes. Does it feel vibrant and joyful, or heavy and cluttered? Begin observing with your soul’s eyes, connecting with your space, and heeding its messages.

It’s essential to understand that a living space often mirrors an individual’s personality, including their creative tendencies. Some argue that creative minds thrive in environments that aren’t overly tidy, and rooms that are too organized might even stifle innovation. However, it’s important to discern between a space that’s creatively disorganized and one that’s weighed down by clutter. The latter can impede the natural flow of energy, suppressing both creativity and the overall sense of joy and vitality within the space. Recognizing and clearing clutter, rather than imposing rigid organization, should be your first step towards achieving a harmonious home. Explore every room, engage with your inner wisdom, and touch and connect with everything around you. Allow yourself to feel and discern what should remain and what needs to be released, creating space for energy to flow and harmony to thrive. Remove items that serve no purpose, bring no joy or positivity, have no function, or hold no special meaning. Perhaps it’s time to let go of objects or clothes you’ve kept “just in case.”

By observing your space and feeling the energy of objects and rooms intuitively, you can significantly enhance your home’s energy. In the next article, I will explore an ancient technique that will further guide you on this journey, helping translate signals from your subconscious into actionable insights for a more harmonious living space.

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